Our core expertise

Developing innovative solutions for the fruit and vegetable branch.

We believe in doing everything in-house: from drawing board to after-sales, we ensure the design,
development and manufacture of SETOP machines.

We pride ourselves on a first-class design department with expertise in electronics and IT, and now 3D solutions, which allows us to develop specific products.


The implementation of micro-controllers allows new developments.

Mechanical construction, the welding of stainless steel, electrotechnics down to wiring – everything is done in-house.

All our machines are assembled and tested in our workshop.

We do not just sell machines – we also rent them out and we lay great stress on after-sales service.

We constantly strive for precision.

We always lend an attentive ear to our clients – we consider them a precious source of progress in our development.


SETOP was established in 1986 by Charles Giraud. In now more than thirty years, we have devoted ourselves to finding innovative solutions for professionals in the fruit and vegetable branch, with machines that are available for sale or for rent. This work has given rise to a number of patents.
The first invention developed by Charles Giraud with SETOP was the TOP84 ma-chine for the automatic control of the sugar content of melons. The TOP84 was in the 1980s a forerunner in the search for practical means of controlling the quality of fruits brought to the market.
During the 1990s the company received the addition of Philippe Giraud, an engi-neer in industrial automation. This led to the development of the Pimprenelle ma-chine, an automatic laboratory for the control of fruits, which developed the com-pany’s initial concept. Primprenelle brought SETOP recognition by producers and by supermarket chains on the one hand, but also by research centres in the field of fruits and vegetables, in a dozen countries.
During the 2000s SETOP acquired the expertise to develop and manufacture measurement instruments using micro-controllers, adding DUROFEL and PÉNÉFEL to its range, with world-wide success.
SETOP also develop solutions for the packing of fruits, such as the ERGONE mel-on grader, the MELPACK automatic packer or a pallet-box filler, which has given rise to patents.
New developments in the pipeline concern automatic packing, the detection of pes-ticides in fruits, and also the interconnection between devices and their connection to external databases.