RI 30: pallet-box emptyer for delicate fruits

The RI30 is a sequential hydraulic pallet-box emptyer. It is the most economical solution for the automatic feed of packing lines.

RI30 PALLET-BOX EMPTYER in 6 arguments

  • Automatic emptying of pallet-boxes
  • 15-30 pallet-boxes per hour
  • Can be fed using pallet-trucks
  • After-sales service guaranteed.
  • Proven hydraulic technology, 10 years’ client satisfaction.
  • Touchscreen interface.

RCC RI30 SETOP PALLET-BOX EMPTYER for melons and fragile produce.

RI30 PALLET-BOX EMPTYER - Its advantages

More than 300
machines in operation




The RI30 is a hydraulically-operated pallet-box emptyer.
Allows tilting pallet-boxes up to 40° for guaranteed full emptying.
Features a moving-belt cover that avoids any rubbing with the fruits.
Adjustable emptying speed.
Automatically adapts to different pallet-box heights.
Can be fed using pallet-trucks.
The touchscreen control is intuitive and allows the simple setting of emptying and maintenance.
Capacity up to 30 pallet-boxes per hour.