Pallet-box filler for melons.

Allows placing the fruits softly across the boxes’ entire surface for optimum filling
4 to 6 t/h of melons according to grade
Pallet-box sizes 100 × 120 cm or 120 × 120 cm

RP120 PALLET-BOX FILLER in 5 arguments

  • Handles fruits without rubbing or impacts.
  • Complete and uniform filling of pallet boxes.
  • Simple, robust technology.
  • Easy to add to existing sorting machines.
  • In stock.

SETOP pallet-box filler for melons

The RP120 PALLET-BOX FILLER is a game-changer relative to existing solutions. A patented system, it allows placing melons or any other delicate produce softly into pallet boxes, without falls or impacts.
It ensures optimal and uniform filling at the high rate of 3 to 5 tonnes per house according to the melons’ grade. It works with 100 × 120 cm and 120 × 120 cm pallet boxes of any height indifferently !
Of robust design, its mechanism is simple and reliable. The control interface is quite simple. The machine is compact and can be easily added to existing packaging lines.