Line for the taring and packing of strawberries, grapes, etc. – for the rational organisation of packaging and taring.

PACKING LINES in 4 arguments

  • Entirely stainless.
  • Ergonomic workstations.
  • Reduced production costs.
  • Reduced fatigue.

SETOP Grape Packing Line

PACKING LINES - Its advantages

25 years’



Entirely stainless, offering new ergonomic solutions while meeting health and hygiene requirements, SETOP’s Grape/Strawberry Line is a packaging line for grape /strawberries designed for all types of productions.
It allows rationalising the organisation of workshops and increasing the productivity of the delicate and precise work of packing grapes/strawberries.

Each processing stage has its own adapted workstation.
The flow of empty and full crates is over belt or chain conveyors designed to reduce the operators’ efforts and fatigue.

Setop lines are fully modular, making it possible to meet your exact needs, with an unlimited number of workstations.

The line’s reduced floor surface makes maintenance easier, it operates silently, it is made of non-toxic materials (stainless structure, PVC belts).